11 September 2016

The third key I will be looking at today in my message about community transformation is one of being a church which is community-facing. By that I mean, to have a social conscience.  So to learn more, you’ll have to listen to part three of this mini-series.

 But as I was wondering about First Church and how we might already be fitting into this, and at the risk of leaving someone out, I thought I could mention some or what I know is being done in and through the ministry and people here.

 So recently, there was a love-bombing of the city, there is the ICONZ movement reaching into non-church families as well as churched and Warrick runs his   holiday programmes as well as being a chaplain/counsellor at Cosgrove School.  Angelslight feeds hundreds of kids a week, there is a half-year Christmas dinner for ourselves but also for those living in our community.  Some of our number help out at the community dinner based at the Anglican Church.  There’s also our youth working alongside others in the city bringing events such as Catalyst, Transpose and the 40-hour famine to which many youth from non-church families come.  And then there’s Warrick’s Kidz2Kidz outreach camp and those who give gifts to children of prisoners at Christmas time.

 There’s actually a whole lot we either lead in, or participate in across our city of Papakura, and of course some of you will be able to figure out other things that we could do or be a part of.

 The key is, just as Jesus was involved in the community all around Him, sharing the Good News of the Kingdom of God, then that is what we’re also called to do as His servants.  That, of course, goes alongside prayer for our city and working to bring oneness amongst the flavours of His church so that we can all reach this community in His name effectively. 

 Sounds like a lot, but the truth is, God never asks us, individually or corporately to do what He does not equip us for, so in His name and in His power, we are able to move forward as His Church.  This is exciting stuff and we can all be a part of it.  Great news eh?