11 August 2019

As you are all probably aware by now, I had to race to Hamilton in the middle of last week to sit with my mum who was in the last few days of her life.  She had been in a home over the last eight months and dementia had slowly but surely continued robbing her of herself, as many of you have also seen and experienced first-hand in your own loved-ones.

I was with her when she died which was a lovely thing to be able to do.  Just after she had died, I said to her that she and I were together when I was born, and now we are together as she goes into the presence of her Lord and Saviour.  I don’t show emotions on the outside too much, but that was an emotional moment for me.

I was really touched by how Trisha and Andrew W. stepped in to support me as I came back to work to put Mum’s funeral together.  Others in the fellowship also sent such lovely thoughts to Evonne and I and our wider family, which was so appreciated by us all.  I took the funeral on Saturday and it was a lovely moment being together as family and friends.

And this week???   Well, as all others will know, it varies for different people in how they grieve the final loss of a loved one, and it is different for me too from what I had expected, I have to say.  Everything has been so intense with and for mum over the last eight months, and even before that, and now there is a vacuum.  I’m finding it a challenge this week so far.

But with my own family and the church family, things are so much better than I know it can be for those without such support and care.  God has blessed us all in our family with a sense of His peace and comfort, which is truly amazing.