10 March 2019 From Tom’s Desk

Warrick, Andrew and I were just sharing afternoon tea when I decided to regale them with an account of something that happened to me recently.

I decided to finally vacuum out my SUV and so one evening I got all the necessaries together and got on with the job.  By the end of it, the inside of the car looked pretty good even though I didn’t have enough time before it got dark, to wash the outside.

However as I happened to glance down at my feet, I noticed that there was quite a bit of blood on one of my jandal.  It turned out that two things had happened.  Firstly I had grazed the side of my foot on something or other and most of the blood was coming from there.  The second thing was that I noticed I must have kicked something with my foot as one of my toes was also bleeding with the top of the nail split.  Then I also noticed that a finger on one hand was hurting so I checked and I found one nail had been half-torn off which must have happened during the cleaning of the car.

So there I was, with bits and pieces of me leaking blood – not a good plan.  It came to me, that cleaning the inside of a car can be dangerous.  Maybe I’ll never do it again for health and safety reasons!!  I wonder if Evonne would do it for me??!!

What had occurred to me since is that sometimes, even when we are doing something worthwhile and even advantageous to ourselves, we can end up with nicks and scratches. Perhaps not physically, but sometimes even emotionally and even spiritually.  It doesn’t deny the fact that what we did was good, but sometimes even doing good things can come at a cost in one way or another.

So what do we do?  Never do that good thing again? or perhaps sit back and let someone else do it for us? or what?  For me, I will clean out the inside of my car again.  The potential for nicks and scratches will not stop me doing something good. 

And so it is as a metaphor for life.  Do not let anything at all get in the way of doing things which are good, whether for yourself or for someone else known or unknown.  If Jesus had chosen the soft option, we’d still be dead and buried in our sin.  If all the saints down through the years had always chosen the soft option, then God’s Church would not be in the wonderful place it is now.  Hard times can (and do) come, but the Bible says we are to “overcome evil with good.” Ro 12:21. Life may  not be without challenges, but it is the way of God, and if it is done for His sake, in honour of Him with Him as the focus, Jesus says our reward will come, kept for us in heaven in the presence of God.