09 July 2017

Evonne and I are heading away for two weeks annual leave starting on Monday.  Although it’s winter it should still be a time for us both to regroup from the busy year so far and enjoy some restful peace and quiet.  I plan to read as many books as I can and do a whole heap of not a lot!

Times like these in the busy lives that we all lead these days become very special times of re-creation. You’ll notice I inserted a hyphen in there because I think when we use the word, recreation, these days we think only of something akin to playtime but in God’s economy, I think He intends us to have time out for us to be re-created in our soul and our spirit as much as physically.


You know, thinking along those lines reminds me of one of the last verses in the Bible.  It’s to do with the new heaven and new earth where the Holy City comes down so that God’s dwelling will be with us forever.  It’s an   extraordinary image trying to describe something almost beyond description.  In the verse I’m thinking of it says; Rev 21:5 – “Behold, I make all things new.” NKJV  I believe that if we understand our annual holidays to be likewise, as a part of God’s blessings, then God is able to make everything new in us.  Just a thought, but I reckon it’s worth       contemplating.